How to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise and Diet

If you love to have walks and wonder, then this is an opportunity to use it for your advantage. Can you lose weight by walking? The response is yes. Walking is enjoyable, easy and free; you don’t suffer or pay to walk. You can go to the mall, the park, throughout the hood or wherever you wish. Weight loss and walking go hand in hand like they are made for each other, it’s so simple and commodious and anybody can do it. You have to do something you can enjoy and lose weight doing it. Below is the way to lose weight fast with exercise and diet.

1. You have to seek for healthy nutrient: If your project is to lose weight walking, you should also maintain healthy consuming habits. It should not be any special diet, but consume healthy nutrients and smaller portions will function. To do this you have to keep a calorie chart and use it. It should be a maximum of one thousand five hundred calories and not less than one thousand two hundred is a good beginning. Consume lean meats and not fried one without skin. Take veggies, fruits, whole grains, and low fat dairy and take enough water. Cut back on salt, sugar and high fat foods, these are empty calories.

2. You need to wear running shoe for walking: when you are prepared for the walk you will require a good pair of running shoes. I normally wear new balance shoes. I use running shoe because most at times walking shoe is too stiff. The shoes should be about a ½ inch bigger than a normal shoe so your feet can expand. Dress using layered clothes either if you are inside or outside so that if you feel hot you can begin pull your dress off. It is good to have a measuring instrument so you can tell how far you walk and in what length of time so you can move on the chart.

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