Exercise – The Best Way to Lose Weight?

Current fitness center and gym memberships are skyrocketing! This tells you that many people and maybe you are one of them, realize that being overweight is wreaking havoc on your body and your health. Excessive weight also is terrible for your life span, each year more than 300,000 people in the U.S. die from obesity related causes. Obese people also struggle with a whole host of weight related problems, like chronic fatigue, sleeping troubles, higher risk of heart disease, and low self esteem. The self esteem problem often comes from watching television, seeing perfect bodies and rock hard six pack abs as the ideal.

There are several ways to attack your battle with excess weight. One popular method is exercise. Most people are overweight from living a sedentary life. All day we work at computers, rarely getting much time to move there, then we come home exhausted from our long day staring at the screen and we feel too tired to get out and do any exercise now also. Our lives lack any kind of physical activity that does not involve working the remote and the microwave, or worse yet stopping off for a burger and fries on the way home.

Now we also all have at least one car, and most have a car for every member of the family that is able to drive, we no longer even walk a short distance to the corner store for a carton of milk! As we get less physical activity and eat more junk food we begin to build up weight. Slowly at first, maybe one to two pounds per year, then there are children, overtime and stress! All of these add pounds or give us an excuse to eat more for the day.

A fast solution for those on a budget is to begin to walk around the neighborhood, great for your health and you just might find out what great people are living nearby!

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