Calorie Shifting Versus Calorie Counting

In order to clear up any confusion between calorie shifting and calorie counting we are going to examine the differences between them and their effect on the success of a diet.

The great advantage to counting calories is guaranteed weight loss and it requires exercise and proper dieting. With regular exercising you could build muscle and increase your level of metabolism.

When you have a strong, muscular and healthy body combined with increased metabolism you will be able to burn fat while working out and resting.

The major disadvantage is that it requires a good amount of self discipline and a ton of patience. You have to follow the dieting plan for your entire life. Counting calories is just too technical and time consuming. You could be counting calories for years.

This method of dieting is strict in terms of the foods that you are allowed to eat. You may become bored with eating the same foods time and time again. This could also make it difficult to find something to eat at a fast food restaurant. If you wanted to count calories on what you have eaten you would have to look it up on their website or go inside and ask for the nutrition facts.

If you are not careful about your calorie intake and you are not getting the minimum amount, it may slow down your metabolic rate and halt the process of burning fat. Also weight loss becomes more difficult.

Calorie shifting is becoming ever more popular and this is for good reason.

The major advantage is that you can achieve fast weight without being restricted to a few boring foods. You could eat any type of food and you are limited to a daily calorie intake. You eat four meals a day with varying amounts of calories with the goal of keeping your metabolism high.

Less patience is required for this diet and the fact that daily workout regiments are not required thus making this an attractive alternative.

That being said, this method of calorie shifting has its weaknesses as well. You have to do some in depth calculations about what you eat to make it work well. You have to calculate how many times you should eat, the different types of foods to eat at the right time and how to optimize your diet by alternating meal plans.

This diet does not recommend working out and you are somewhat limited to loosing weight with just the help of dieting. Quitting your diet is not recommended because you would simply gain the weight back.

You need a good amount of lean muscle mass in order to keep fat tissue away by burning more calories. The diet itself recommends against working out however it would be more advantageous to workout for more lean muscle mass.

The types of foods you choose to eat are not restricted and you don’t have to feel deprived. In my opinion calorie shifting is a better option. Additionally a modest amount of working out will help you loose weight faster as well.

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