The Best Exercise to Do in Order to Lose Weight

The best exercise to lose weight is cardio exercise; preferably intense cardio.  Aerobic exercise and cardiovascular exercise are often mixed up.  Although the words are often used interchangeably, there is a difference.  The difference is for an exercise to be called cardiovascular and should be taxing on the heart.  In other words it should cause the heart to work hard and be rapidly.  For example, walking very slowly is an aerobic exercise.  Where as running very fast is a cardiovascular exercise.

Now as I said before the best form of cardio exercise is intense cardio.  Ideally intense cardio should push your heart to its limits.  We want to do our intense cardio in intervals.  For example, we do the intense cardio take a break, duly intense cardio again and take another break, and we repeat the process.  The key is to read about your heart to its maximum, catch a breath and do it again.

Ideally you should exercise three days a week taking a day off in between.  Each day’s routine should last no less than 30 minutes and should not be more than one hour.  It is important to remember to stretch before and after exercising. Also, make sure you get plenty of fluids

Now must tell you the best exercise routine will not work without proper nutrition.  The fundamental idea for losing weight as far as nutrition is concerned is simple; you must put up more calories than you take in.  It really is as simple as that. Now it’s not enough to just put out more than you put in. It is also imperative that you watch the quality of what you put in. Excessive junk foods, fatty foods, and processed foods will derail even the best exercise routine.

Check back here for a specific exercise routines and specific foods to eat and to not eat.  Until then I’ll see you later.

H. A. Quettan is an internet marketer with a mission to help people look, feel, and be the their best. I also have a passion for my family, bicycles, and motorcycles.

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