How to Lose Weight Using the Raw Food Diet

There are three reasons for losing weight: health, longevity and good looks. Everybody knows that losing weight, no matter how desirable, is not easy. But there have been huge advances in recent times on research into natural solutions to bring about a radical improvement in the way you look and feel. What is it? It is the magic of raw food.

Regardless of your cultural or ethnic background, your sex or your age, you can have clear sparkling eyes, strong healthy hair, rosy lips and cheeks, glowing skin, strong bones and teeth and a well developed physique. There is only one kind of diet that can produce that kind of radiant good health, and that is the raw food diet.

Every one who tries this diet for an extended period of time are told they look younger than their age. Also most people usually experience one or more of the following phenomena: hair grows back; hair changes from gray back to the original color; excess weight disappears; warts and acne miraculously heal on their own; cellulite melts away; and you have boundless energy. Some even report they look as though they have had a face lift or tummy tuck!

Eating fresh organic nutrient rich raw foods loaded with enzymes will bring a remarkable change to your health. This is the diet that our cavemen ancestors ate, but as a modern society we have done everything in our power to destroy the good nutrition in our foods.

Almost every type of food we eat today has been compromised one way or another. All processed food is loaded with chemicals to make it last longer, look better, taste better, ripen in a certain way, and so on. Also, many foods are covered in chemical sprays designed to control a pest of some sort.

On top of that, we cook food to extinction. Did you know that the moment we take food, especially vegetables, over 48 degrees Celsius or 118 Fahrenheit (that is barely half way to boiling point) all the healthful enzymes are killed off and the vitamins and minerals decay rapidly? How many cooked vegetables have you eaten and thought you were eating healthy food?

Eat these foods raw and you will get the full benefit of all the fiber and the nutrients in an undiminished and available form.

Does the thought of eating raw food appall you? Well don’t despair, your kitchen whiz is going to become your best friend and there are zillions of delicious raw food recipes about, especially on the internet.

Good glowing health starts in your gut. If you have been eating a typical ‘western’ diet, your stomach and intestines are almost certainly loaded with old rotting material infested with the wrong bacteria, parasites and viruses. Your digestive system is all upset, and in this condition, really good health in general and weight loss in particular is difficult or impossible.

Once you start a raw food regime, your body will gradually eliminate all these nasty stuff and you will gradually return to full health over time. You need to eat 70% to 80% raw food in order to get a good result.

There is no way it is possible for you to eat a completely healthy diet unless you major on uncooked food. It is as simple as that!

A colon cleanse or pro-biotic supplement can hasten the clearing out of the gut. There is typically up to NINE POUNDS of decaying fecal matter in your intestines, so to eliminate that is a great start to your weight loss efforts.

Weight loss is almost inevitable if you take on a raw food diet and stick to it. You will never be hungry, and you don’t have to count calories or use the unhealthy low protein, low fat or low carbohydrate options.

There is one other thing you can do to help lose weight. Harvard University has proven that when people join a group of other people who have the same problem and the same goal, that weight loss can spread from person to person. See if you can find a like minded group on line to join to help you in your weight loss efforts.

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