High Carb Or Low Carb Diets?

There has never been so many diet plans out on the market today. Whether it is low carb diets or new fad diets for celebrities. The biggest hype seems to always be around low carb diets for some reason. Low carb diets are pretty self explanatory. You cut out as much carb intake as possible and load up on proteins and fats.

Carbs are known to raise blood sugar unlike protein and carbs. Also sugar is mostly stored in the body as fat. Healthy fats are actually good for you. Protein should always be consumed whether you are cutting carbs or not.

Now there are all types of carbohydrates. There are complex and simple. Now the thing about low carb diets and I think this is the biggest catch for most people. Cutting out carbs cuts out a lot of energy. Also you must avoid any kind of starchey food like the bread and pasta. Sweets were already out of the diet if you were planning to lose fat. Many people lose interest in taking diets that cut out carbs because they get bored with them.

Now there are ways to compromise the two diets. I personally never go on a low carb diet but at the same time I always make sure I don’t consume a whole lot. Carbs are important for the body’s energy. Remember complex carbs are stored in the body as energy. This is why people that exercise need carbohydrates. That is also why people who are about to run a marathon eat mounds of pasta before a big race.

What you can do instead of avoiding carbs altogether is just balance how much you eat. You can do this eating a lot of carbs on one day and then avoiding them the next. This technique is known as carb cycling. It has worked many times. Or you can balance them each day. Do this making sure each meal has a serving of complex carbs. It could be a slice or two of whole wheat toast in the morning with ham and eggs.

Vegetables and fruit are alos great sources of carbs. Celery is a starchy food loaded with complex carbs. That is why fruit and vegetables can be your source of carbs when you are trying to lose fat. Just make sure you get your five a day. Don’t be afraid to have a bowl of oatmeal in the morning as well. This energizes your body for the day. Just try to avoid starchy foods at night time unless you are going to run the next day

Keep in mind that you should mostly eat protein and fats. Foods like chicken, tuna, olive oil, nuts, peanut butter, almonds, salmon, and beans should all be staples in your diet. Just always remember to take everything in moderation. Do not overload your body with carbs. Just eat less of them. This will also settle your craving.

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