Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

If you just started your low carb diet and are stuck for ideas on what to eat for breakfast or just want to try something new, here are some easy-to-prepare breakfast suggestions for you. It is important to plan your meals, so you don’t end up making bad choices because you are hungry and in a hurry. Just because your meals are low in carbs, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. It is a good idea to find some meals you like and always keep the ingredients for them at home.

Quick breakfast ideas

1) Eggs
You can eat eggs in a variety of ways. The most known way of serving eggs on a low carb diet is probably eggs with bacon, but eggs are so much more than that. You can make omelettes, scrambled eggs and boiled eggs just to name a few. I have a cook book with over 100 egg recipes, they are not all low in carbohydrates, but most can be modified.

2) Smoothies
You can make a variety of low carb smoothies. Common ingredients are eggs, protein powder, Greek yoghurt, heavy cream, cooking oils, frozen berries, nuts and low carb sweeteners.

3) Low carb bread
There are thousands of low carb bread recipes to choose from. You can start by taking a look here at ezinearticles, but be aware that just because someone claim a recipe is low in carbohydrates, it may not be. If you are a new low carber and don’t yet have a feel for how many carbs are in a recipe, you must do your homework and count the carbs.

I would say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because if you don’t start your day right, it often follows through the day and you will end up getting starved and eating too much later that day. However, claiming that breakfast is the most important meal, in my experience doesn’t mean eating breakfast the minute you open your eyes, but getting off to a good start always helps. I recommend eating breakfast when you get hungry.

Lena Hanson is the creator of Low Carb Day where she posts low carb breakfast recipes and low carb diet information. She has been living a low carb lifestyle since the end of 2005 and have lost 70 pounds.

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