Diet-to-Go Review – Diet to Go’s Low Carb Menu

Diet-To-Go is a popular diet delivery service that delivers food to dieters all over the United States. Meal are cooked in the Diet-to-Go kitchens and then quickly frozen and shipped out, so you are getting the food as fresh as possible. In this Diet-to-Go review, I’m going to review the low carb menu options.

Diet to Go has a few different menu plans. One is low carb and other two are low fat, one a traditional low fat plan and the other is vegetarian. I’ve tried the low fat plan previously, so I decided that this time I around I would order the low carb menu.

If you like a lot of egg dishes for breakfast, then you should enjoy the low carbohydrate plan. I really liked the various egg dishes, particularly the Cheese Omelet with Spinach and Salsa. The Spinach quiche was very good too. As you can guess, I really like spinach and eggs together!

I don’t like “fake” bacon much, so I didn’t really care a whole lot of the turkey bacon that was for breakfast. But that’s about the only thing I didn’t love.

Lunch and dinner entrees include lots of meats. There’s steak, pork and poultry on the menu. I preferred steak and the pork dishes to the chicken. I found the roast chicken a little bit dry, but for the most part even the chicken dishes were quite good. Favorites here were the Chicken souffle and the Chicken fontina. Italian meatballs were delicious and so was the pork loin. The steak was tasty too, though not really the cuts I would buy in the supermarket myself. But then, you can’t eat steak every day. It’s too expensive.

After my week was up I definitely decided that I enjoyed the low carb menu more than the low fat one, but that is going to come down to your preference. I didn’t miss the carbs too much and I much prefer having eggs for breakfast rather than cereals or bagels.

Overall, I think that Diet to Go is a pretty excellent option if you are looking for a diet delivery service. If you want to try it out yourself, be sure to get the current Diettogo coupons before you place your order.

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