4 Tips to Lose 10 Pounds and More

Desiring to know to know how to burn 10 pounds and more. Below are 4 simple methods helping to lose weight naturally and fast –


1. Beware of the packaging – try not to buy a product because of the packaging. Words like ‘New’, ‘Improved’, ‘Gourmet’ and ’20 Per Cent More’ can be hard to resist. Food is marketed in increasingly sophisticated and carefully crafted ways.


Advertisers and marketers have become skilled at recognizing when and how people can be tempted. Effective strategies can hit any one of our many weak spots.


This can be ‘extra value’ to appeal to the practical mum; ‘extra tasty’ to appeal to the serious foodie; marketing something as an indulgence or ‘sinful’ pleasure to appeal to the impulse shopper; or re-branding and changing packaging size so you have no choice but to buy more, even if you are purely a necessity shopper.


And to get around this, PLAN. This is especially important if you want to avoid the temptations created by clever packaging. So make a list and stick to it – even if they have just started making your favorite crackers in a new flavor. And never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach!


2. Now this is how to lose 10 pounds- Think of ‘Natural Foods’. These are the kind of foods you should be eating to lose weight. And overtime the more fresh foods you eat, the healthier you will be, and the more body fat you will lose. Hence eat in more by cooking your own healthy meals, and skip the take outs, fast foods and restaurant foods.!


3. Drink less liquid calories to reduce body fat – so forget about a glass of OJ, or any other sodas. Instead drink water to keep your body hydrated. Note – water will not help you lose weight, but it is better than drinking all that sugar!


4. Lose weight running hard, and building muscle – that means a combination of Interval Training and Compound Exercises to burn belly fat. This is one of the most effective tip on how to lose 10 pounds exercising.


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