The Must-Have Guide to Diet Meal Planning

Preparing a simple diet meal planner can save you big time for your body in the long run. Having a diet doesn’t always mean you have to torture yourself by starving all day long. Especially if you’re a man that is destined to burn more calories than women, so you have to devour more foods to fuel your daily activities. Having a diet meal planner can help you decide which food to eat and stays within healthy diet track.

So, to start off with, let’s plan ahead a sufficient 2,200 calorie meal for your daily consuming:


Never leave home without it. A good breakfast should leave you with enough energy to last until lunch hour. Plan your breakfast to be rich in fiber. A bowl of cereal or grain mixed with milk should do you fine. If you drink coffee, always accompany with a glass of water.

Morning Snack

Lunch hour seems to take forever to arrive? Stay away from sweet doughnuts or sugary muffin. Take a safe side by munching dried fruits instead. A cup of lemon tea can keep you afloat until lunch.

Lunch Hour

Try to keep it simple. Grab a beef sandwich with wheat bread, instead of usual white bread. Spice it up with low fat mayo and a slice of cheese. Slip in some lettuce and tomatoes in the middle too. Throw in a slice of turkey or salmon in the middle as well.

Afternoon Snack

Still troubled to keep hunger at bay? Grab an afternoon snack to keep the high energy level. Serve some yogurt and add some vegetables, or non-mayo salad and fruit will fill up your tank until dinner time.


This time you should really consider including a healthy amount of carbohydrates, protein, and also vegetables. Some grand example of a great dinner would be grilled salmon or chicken breast, with honey mustard to top it off. Your need of carbohydrates can be taken from wheat pasta or brown rice. With this diet meal planner for the day to come to a close, you can enjoy a small cup of ice cream.

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