Is There One Best Exercise For You to Lose Weight?

People who are losing weight are always trying to find ways to lose weight quicker and more effectively. Exercise is an essential part weight loss and the more effective your exercise program is, the more weight you can lose. Nobody`s exercise program is perfect and there is always room for improvement, especially for beginners. But is there a best exercise for you to lose weight?

What is the best exercise for you to lose weight?

Before I answer this question, I want to be sure we are all on the same page. Weight loss is only possible if you are on a calorie deficit. This means you must burn more calories then you consume. Exercise is the best way to burn calories. You also have to eat nutritious foods and count calories, because otherwise you may spend hours in the gym working out and lose any weight. The most important factor is the calorie deficit.

For example if you want to lose 2 pounds of fat a week, then your weekly calorie deficit has to be 7000 calories, because there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. You have to burn a lot of calories and therefore your exercise program has to be really good. The best exercise for you to lose weight is the one, that burns the most calories. It is that simple. For example if you weigh 200 pounds, then you burn 234 calories in 30 minutes by walking. But if you for example if do rowing for 30 minutes then you burn 396 calories.

So is rowing the best exercise for you to lose weight? Not necessarily! Rowing is hard and if you are a beginner, then rowing for 30 minutes straight is very difficult. So instead of doing a 30 minute walking workout, you could do a 45 minute workout and burn 351 calories. It really doesn`t matter what exercise you are using, what matter is the amount of calories burned. To burn more calories you can either make your workouts longer, more intense, exercise more times per week. There are many possibilities.

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