How To Lose Weight Best Exercise – The Shocking Truth Revealed!

How To Lose Weight Best Exercise

A lot of people ask what the best exercise to lose belly fat is. No matter what they try it doesn’t work and they will just give up thinking they don’t have the genes for it. But if you know the truth about getting a flat stomach anyone can do it.

The Truth

The truth is that it is impossible to “spot reduce” and body fat, what that means is that you can’t specifically choose to lose fat on your stomach, but if you burn enough fat you will get rid of that too. This is why people that think sit-ups is the best exercise to lose belly fat fail because your abs is small muscles and won’t burn much fat. Instead you should focus on big muscles and working the entire body so the muscles will turn your body into a fat burning furnace, muscles require energy and when you work out the whole body you have no other choice than to use the energy in fat to keep the muscles going, make sense?

Which exercises?

Weight lifting is great like dead lifts, squats, bench press etc. But also stuff like running, spinning, mountain climbing, maybe you can think of something that you can enjoy at the same time. Instead of just focusing on what the best exercise to lose belly fat is you should do several high intensity exercises so you will get a full body workout. If you want a ripped six pack fast you can combine these exercises with some that will engage your core as well, but you only need to work your abs about 10 min a week, the key is to lose belly fat so your abs stop hiding behind it. How To Lose Weight Best Exercise


The most important thing when trying to lose weight is what and when you eat, working out is useless if you don’t change your diet. Make the meals a little smaller and eat every 2-3 hours instead, this will send signals to the body that you have a lot of nutrients in your area and don’t need to store extra energy (fat) for later. Thinking about what you eat is much better than thinking about what the best exercise to lose belly fat is. Some good diet tips are:

• Avoid processed foods and eat as little sugar as you can.
• Eat natural organic food, this kind of food will naturally increase your metabolism.
• Drink and eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and water.
• Stay away from white foods like bread, rice and pasta. How To Lose Weight Best Exercise

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