Top 2 Reasons Why Low Carb Diet Meal Plan Will NOT Slim You Down

You are overweight and you wish to lose weight for this summer. You search around the internet and found some program on low carb diet meal plan which promises you that you will lose 25lbs in 5 days. You get all excited trying to follow the low carb diet meal plan, hoping to see yourself lose weight. After following for a few days, you weigh yourself and find that your weight has not decreased but in fact, it has gone up higher then before.

The reason why you face a weight gain instead of a weight loss is because low car diet meal plan does not work and will make you fat. Today, we are going to debunk the myth that low carb diet meal will help you to reduce weight by giving you the top 2 reasons why it will not work and why you should not follow a low carb diet meal plan.

Reason One:

Low carb diet meal plan makes your body adapt itself to burning lesser calorie due the lesser intake of calories. When you suddenly stop taking in calories, your body will react and adapt itself to lower its activity level and your metabolism rate drops, thus your body burn less calories. You will feel tired easily and feel weak because your body is now functioning at a slower pace and burning lesser calories than before.

Reason Two:

Low carb diet meal makes you feel miserable. You feel hungry all the time and your productivity at work decreases dramatically. You cannot focus during your work because your mind is so focus on you being hungry and your stomach growls for food. The next moment you’ll realize that you have given up on your diet plan and start to take in excessive food again. Your body which is now function at a slower level cannot burn all the calorie in time and thus the excess will be stored as fat, and you put on even more weight

The solution to weight loss is actually very simple if you understand how your body react to calorie intake and how your body adjusts itself according to the amount of energy that you take in. The solution to weight loss is simply eating the right food at the right time and in the right portion. This will ensure that your body burn the highest amount of calories by working at its optimum level and you get slim down in the process.

Clarie Anderson is a dietitian and she has helped thousands of people lose weight fast and healthily through low carb diet meal plan, which has proven to be good. She managed to help one woman lose a hefty 30 pounds in 2 months! Find out how she did it!

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