Weight Loss – 5 Tips to Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days

Now I am not going to spend much of this article talking about a solution that is going to take months to be effective – these are simple easy to use tips that will get you a dress size smaller in 21 days. Here are the best 5 Tips To Drop a Dress Size In 21 Days you will ever come across.

1. Eat small meals during the day

Gone are the days of eating 3 square meals a day – for effective weight loss and good energy levels through out the day you should be aiming for approximately 6 – 7 smaller meals throughout the day. These meals should be filled with highly nutritious content such as protein, carbohydrates and good fats.

2. Don’t eat carbohydrate rich meals at the end of the day because they make you hungry again not long after.

Several studies have shown that while some carbohydrates are good for you – they will keep your hunger satisfied for a while but not long after you have eaten them you find yourself hungry again. There is also the fact that eating heavy food late in the day tends to be harder to work off.

3. Workout only 3 – 4 times per week

This is a mistake lots and lots of people make – they think to lose weight they need to run every day for 2 hours, or spend 6 days a week at the gym. This is incorrect. For your body to lose weight you need to only workout 3 – 4 times per week maximum. It is what you do in these 3 workouts that wil get you your results – not the length of time you spend doing them. Large muscle movement is the best and most complete method to use to burn calories and lose body fat.

4. Don’t do endless situps to get a flat stomach.

Another misconception – hundreds of situps will do nothing to get you a flatter stomach. Yes it will strengthen your core muscles which is good for your back, however it will never remove the fat above. Once again the best effective way to remove this body fat is through large muscle movements.

5. Don’t drink diet drinks.

Unfortunately diet drinks are one of the worst items you could be consuming. Packed with artificial sweeteners and sugars they are simply not good for you. While they only have a couple calories per serve – there are far too many negatives so it is better for your weight loss journey to avoid them.

These are the 5 Tips To Drop a Dress Size In 21 Days – You must follow these steps if you want to lose a dress size in 21 days – and you will do it – ony if you follow these guidelines. Having said that, sometimes it’s easier to read guidelines than to actively put them into action. This is where some of you may need a little extra help or motivation to get you started – there is no shame in this.

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