Lose 10 Pounds Fast – 4 Secrets of Fast Fat Loss

Looking for some real “secrets” for burning fat and losing 10 pounds fast? This article will outline 4 of the most-effective techniques for making quick progress toward your weight loss goals. Getting rid of body fat and losing 10 pounds fast will be much easier once you learn these techniques. Oh, and they have nothing to do with starving yourself, popping diet pills, or buying some expensive exercise gadget!

4 Secrets for Losing 10 Pounds the Fast & Healthy Way

1. Set Goals —  You might think it’s “mumbo jumbo” but setting goals is one of the most-effective things you can do to lose weight in a faster, healthier way. When you set a goal, write it down, and read it on a daily basis you literally “program” your mind to focus on achieving that goal as quickly as possible.

2. Make Lists — Make lists of things you must do each day to lose 10 pounds fast. These diet and exercise “mini goals” should be relatively easy to do individually. As a group, however, they will give you some serious results. The key to fast weight loss success is to take hundreds or even thousands of small steps over the course of a few weeks.

3. Build Momentum — Building strong momentum is a big part of making lots of progress toward any goal, especially weight loss and fitness related goals. The first, and most difficult, part of building momentum is to just get going. Then you must force yourself to take some action each and every day. After a week or two, taking action will become a habit and you’ll be on your way to a fitter, leaner, sexier body!

4. Take Massive Action — There’s an old saying: “If you want massive results, you’ve got to take massive action.” Losing 10 pounds of body fat quickly (as in, within a month or so) is a pretty massive result. We’re talking about creating an “energy deficit” of tens of thousands of calories. So you’ll need to take some pretty massive action in terms of eating a very clean diet and exercising more. But, if you do take massive action, you’re almost guaranteed to succeed!

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