Lose 15 Pounds Very Fast – 7 Best Tips to Lose 15 Lbs in 30 Days Or Less

Looking for the best tips to lose 15 pounds very fast? Whether you need to lose 5 lbs, 10 lbs, or 15 lbs the best program is basically the same: use the most-effective (and most-efficient) diet, exercise, and supplementation techniques. This article will give you an idea of what you need to do to get rid of extra body fat and slim down quickly…

The 7 Best Tips to Lose 15 Pounds Fast

1. Get focused — Write down your goal, read it often, and focus all your energy on achieving it quickly.

2. Build momentum — Create lists of little “mini goals” for each day and do your best to reach them. This is a proven way to build the kind of momentum that leads to fast, healthy weight loss.

3. Do juice fasts — One every week or two do a simple 24-hour raw juice fast. This will cleanse and detox your body while helping you to easily lose pounds and inches.

4. Avoid processed carbs — Avoid refined sugars, flours, and other highly processed carbs. You’ll keep your blood sugar and insulin levels in check and lose pounds faster.

5. Focus on fiber and protein — Most of your calories should come from lean proteins and high-fiber carbs. This will control your hunger, stabilize blood sugar, and keep your energy high.

6. Eat a paleo diet — Natural “paleo” foods are your best bet for losing 15 pounds fast. Some examples: lean meats, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. If you get almost all your calories from these foods you’ll lose pounds super fast!

7. Do short, higher-intensity workouts — Several times a week, do a short, 20-40 minute workout based around high-intensity “interval” training. Besides burning lots of calories and fats, interval workouts also stimulate muscle growth and cause the body to produce powerful metabolism-stimulating hormones. It’s definitely the most efficient form of exercise for losing weight fast.

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