The Most Effective Exercise to Lose Stomach Fat

Recent research has identified that losing fat from around the abdomen reduces the risk of many diseases and is one of the best ways you can ensure you stay healthy. There are two main types of abdominal area fat:

– Visceral fat is fat which is stored deep inside the body and surrounds and protects the vital organs;

– The other is Subcutaneous fat and is the fat many people carry just under the skin and the fat which you can pinch;

There are many abdominal exercises that you can you to use to lose belly fat. If over a prolonged period you consume more calories than you burn you will not lose your belly fat. So to ensure that you lose as much weight as possible, ensure you burn more calories than you consume over a prolonged period and exercise regularly.

So which us belly fat stomach exercises are the most efficient at burning the Subcutaneous fat from around the stomach?

So lets firstly address one incorrect myth. Doing hundreds of stomach crunches a day will not burn fat from around the belly. As already stated, in order to lose fat you need to live a calorie deficit life for a long period; you need to burn more calories than you consume. Not enough calories are burnt doing situps for it to be an effective way of losing stomach fat. The only way to effectively lose belly fat is to use a full-body training program that makes the most of both your metabolic rate and the body’s hormonal response to your exercise routine. Therefore, the most important thing you can start to do if you are not doing it is to exercise regularly.

A full body training program is the best way to lose stomach fat and this is supported by recent research.In order for this exercise to be effective it needs to encompass both cardio vascular and resistance exercise. Many gurus believe that 30 or 40 minutes exercise 3 or 3 times a week is sufficient, this is in fact incorrect. The cross trainer is my personal favorite piece of equipment as 20 minutes of hard work can burn close to 400 calories. But remember, in addition to your exercise program eating a balanced healthy diet is crucial to long term successful weight control. Plan what you keep in the cupboards and plan you meals as you would plan you exercise and overtime you will see your abdominal fat reduce.

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