Fast Weight Loss Diets – Are They All the Same? How I Lost 8 Pounds in 5 Days

For a Good Healthy Diet you need:

Carbohydrates – If you try to eliminate all carbohydrates from your diet then you are on the road to failure. Good Choices are Fruit and Vegetables also Low Fat Dairy products.

Fats – Nuts, Olives & Avocados have good benefits and have the right fat in them.

Calories – If you go into a starvation mode following an extreme low calorie diet plan it can be extremely harmful to your body. Healthy methods for losing weight are more advisable.

I have tried a lot of Diets including Weight Watchers, Herbalife, Cabbage soup, Low Calorie, etc. etc. Yes, all these Diets work but as soon as you stop the portion sized meals & calorie counting involved, the weight creeps back on. You don’t notice it so much at first and then Oh Oh! You have to start from the beginning again.

I began searching for a new healthy Diet, reading reviews and all the promises that each diet would do for you and then I came upon the Strip That Fat diet plan. I decided that I would try this weight loss plan to lose some fat fast, not just water as you do with a number of other weight loss diets.

Losing fat is the main goal of this program and to do it in a healthy way that anybody can follow because you are eating normal foods. No pills, diet drinks, portion control packages. This is a diet that has balanced foods that are required for a healthy metabolism. I liked the fact that I did not have to weigh my food or work out portions of this and portions of that.

No more counting calories, as that is all done for you in the personalized diet plan and I could eat as much of the foods in each planned meal until I was satisfied. I lost 8 pounds following this particular program in just 5 days.

My Name is Glenore McNeil and I have purchased this program to help me with my own weight loss goals.The Costs and Expenses are as follows. The Gold Membership Program will cost you which is a one time only payment. It includes Strip That Fat Secret Dieting Guide, STF personalized diet generator, 60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee and Access to all future Gold Package updates. The Platinum Program is $ 57 which includes all of the above and a few bonuses including 30 healthy recipes. If you would like to learn more about this program and see my progress with the Strip That Fat diet plan you can access the program and see my daily updates at

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