Exercise to Curb Your Appetite and Lose Weight

Exercise is important to everyone. The more in shape you are the less your risk of having a heart attack, diabetes, or developing some other disabling disease. Exercise offers true benefits that go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. Contrary to what many people suggest, exercise often leads to curbing your appetite. Here are 3 ways that reveal how exercise can curb your appetite:

People often eat because they are either bored or out of some habit. For some people, eating gives them something to do. True hunger has little to do with people’s eating habits.

Maybe you can think of a time when you engaged in a lot of mindless eating while watching the television for example or watching a movie at the movie theater. When you are out and about, busy with your day and errands while out of the house, how often do engage in mindless eating then? When you’re out of the kitchen busy with other things, exercising or moving about with errands, it gives your mind a focus and something to do other than mindless snacking.

You often hear that people say that exercise increases their hunger. This may just be an excuse for them avoiding exercise altogether. The fact is that exercise uses stored calories in the system (in the form of fat and glucose) for energy.

It derives this energy so that blood glucose levels are maintained evenly throughout the system with the end result that you don’t feel as hungry. In other words, exercise stabilizes the blood sugar levels which often control hunger cues. When the blood sugar level is level, you tend to want to eat less.

When you first begin your exercise routine, you may have increased hunger due to the change of calorie requirements. But this in typically, only temporary. A few days of exercising sensations of hunger are often replaced with feelings of well-being as endorphins are released into the system Plus, as you start exercising regularly most people then begin to shift their diets to something where they eat more healthfully.

So don’t fall for the idea that when you exercise you’ll gain weight because you’ll want to eat more. Exercising curbs your appetite and helps you lose weight by giving you something to do, stabilizing your blood sugar, and making you eat better. So go out there exercise.

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