Opt For Smart Diet Foods To Reduce Calorie Intake

In this fitness obsessed 21st century, most people are looking for ways to become fit and healthy. One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to opt for low calorie foods that are nutritious, filling and yet healthy. Some people believe that they need to make drastic changes in their diet plan to reduce daily calorie intake. However, this is not true. One can always enjoy a healthy eating plan by making some smart food choices. We provide few suggestions regarding how anyone can choose diet foods to reduce calorie intake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: It is the most crucial meal of the day and provides the energy to last throughout the day. Here is how one can cut calories at breakfast by opting for nutritious diet foods.

Many of us love having sandwiches for breakfast. Those looking forward to healthy eating plan should avoid consuming white bread (one slice of white bread contains 100 calories) filled up with regular cheese (110 calories per ounce). Instead, opt for one slice of brown bread (82 calories) filled with sliced ham or turkey. One slice of turkey and ham contains 29 calories and 45 calories respectively. Consuming these diet foods will save around 83-99 calories.

Lunch: Consuming a nutrient-packed lunch helps to avoid a mid-afternoon crash. It is advised to use diet foods to cut calories at lunch. Here is how-

Opt for mini bagel (80 calories) instead of the regular, medium-sized bagel (240 calories). To relish the benefits of healthy eating plan, avoid cheese fillings (110 calories) and go for protein-rich fillings such as eggs (one medium egg has 70 calories). Garnish the bagel with one slice of tomato (4 calories), instead of regular mayonnaise (75 calories per tablespoon). With these diet foods, one can save nearly 271 calories.

Snacks: Most of us crave for snacks in the late afternoon or mid-morning. Snacks provide fuel to the body and the mind and prevent overeating. With diet foods, one can easily cut down calorie intake during snack time.

One cup of yoghurt (fruit-flavored) contains 230 calories. Choose one cup of plain yogurt (180 calories) and add fresh fruits to it. This diet food will reduce calorie intake by 50.
3 cups of caramel popcorn contains 280 calories and 3 cups of plain popcorn has 90 calories. So total calories saved by opting for this diet food amounts to 190.

Dinner: Skipping last meal of the day should be avoided since it slows down the metabolic rate and leads to weight gain. Take advantage of the diet foods to lower the calorie count at dinner.

Many people love having rice, pasta or noodles for dinner. Cut back portion of these foods by cup. This will save 45-60 calories.
Skip that sinful chocolate bar (1.5 oz chocolate bar contains 225 calories) and consider having one cup of chocolate milk which has 160 calories. One can also try out another low calorie food i.e. fat free chocolate pudding (85 calories). Choosing these diet foods can help one to save around 65-140 calories.

Switch to low calorie foods today and watch how the flab melts away!

Tinesha Evans is a fitness coach and is associated with the fitness industry for around a decade. Tinesha has published various articles about fitness and bodybuilding equipments, strength training methods, and dieting. To read some of her latest posts visit http://fitnessweighttraining.blogspot.com/.

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