Lose 10 Pounds in One Week – Effective and Natural Way to Lose 10 Lbs in One Week

In order to lose 10 pounds in one week you should not focus on “portion control” in meals, eating “low fat” or ” low carb” diet menu. It doesn’t matter if you have bad genetics and overweight since childhood, you will still lose weight following the right diet plan. Many claim that to lose 10 lbs in one week is impossible and not safe for health. However, one of the leading weight loss diet program in the market for past 3 years – Fat Loss For Idiots have proven that this fact is wrong. The tips and diet generator provided in the program are simple and powerful to start burn your fat within days.

Since there are lots of crash diets out there, we underestimate the effectiveness of a diet plan and an automated diet generator could save our time and avoid repeating some common mistakes during weight loss.

Diet Generator

All the list of menu in the list is selected based on the advised of professional dietitian and the amount of calories in each food are calculated for one week. Each day the amount of calories counts are different to make sure the fat burn are effective. This means, you will have a calories shift for one week and each day are divided into 4 meals with 2 1/2 hour apart.

Rotation of Diet Meals

Since the list of menu are based on Protein and Carbohydrate type of meals, you will rotate both them for one week, while the amount of portion for each meals are different as advised by the Fat Loss For Idiots. For an example:-

Day 1: Eat 3 Carbohydrate Meals and 1 Carbohydrate/Protein Mixed Meal
– Means that 3 of your meals should be composed of only carbohydrate foods and 1 meal should be composed of BOTH protein and carbohydrate foods.

Day 2: Eat 3 Carbohydrate Meals and 1 Protein Meal

Day 3: Eat 2 Carbohydrate Meals and 2 Protein Meals

10 Weight Loss Rules

This rules is important to make sure you remain your new weight and permanently get rid of the fat from your body. Among the simple rules are how to prepare meals at home, avoid “fat free” foods such as cakes, carbonate drinks and ice cream. You don’t need to do intense exercise such as gym, jogging or aerobics because all of them do not burn fat. The best type of exercise is walking and you should at least practice it 30 min a day.

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